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A Robust Pediatric-Focused EHR Improves the Immunization Process

Feb 17, 2017

Even though vaccinations are one of the greatest public health advancements in human history, and have dramatically reduced the incidence of numerous..

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Underutilized Codes: Paving the Road for Future Payment

Feb 09, 2017

We all have our go-to CPT codes. And then there are the codes that we avoid or overlook for various reasons. Maybe they aren't covered by insurance, or..

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Virtual Bedside Manner: Connecting with Telemedicine

Feb 06, 2017

In the telemedicine era, more and more patients are interacting with their doctors via telehealth technology. According to Modern Healthcare, the..

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Computer Hacking Has Patients Concerned About the Privacy of Health Records

Feb 02, 2017

With allegations of foreign intervention in American elections, provider breaches at a grand scale, and massive theft of “big data,” the spate of high..

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