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Weekly COVID-19 Update: Pediatric Practice Management Resources

We know that the COVID-19 pandemic is a dynamic and shifting situation, with healthcare providers and staff often on the front lines to protect the vulnerable. To help you collect reliable news, information, and resources to help your practice react to the changes, adapt to social distancing, and care for your business and patients, we’re putting together this blog series to help you close out your week well-informed and prepared.

Practice Management Resources

We’re collecting updated resources to facilitate the rapid adjustment of many pediatric practices in response to the pandemic.

  • PCC’s Chip Hart and the Pediatric Management Institute’s Paul Vanchiere continued their webinar series on April 2nd with the third installment of “Business Impacts of COVID-19”. Topics included SBA loans, data trends, and future impact predictions. 
    • You can find all of the webinars and their materials on PMI’s Business Impact webinar forum. Sign up here.
  • Check out all our COVID-19 resources on PCC Learn.
  • This blog post covers practice management concerns such as staffing, scheduling, and financial strategies.
  • PCC 8.11.10 is expected to release on Sunday, April 11th to help pediatricians adjust to their practice’s needs during COVID-19. Stay tuned for details of this emergency COVID-19-focused release.

The Latest from the AAP

The AAP has several resource modes available for guidance on clinical practice, coding, and telemedicine.

AAP Telemedicine Compendium -- This compendium houses reading material on telemedicine best practices. Check here for resources to get started with telemedicine.

Critical Updates on COVID-19 -- The AAP’s latest COVID-19-specific resources. Check here for the latest clinical guidance, updates on PPE, information for families, and more.

AAP Webinars -- Video webinars available from the AAP experts, from coding help to disaster management.

Financial Help for Your Practice

In a recent email to PCC clients, PCC’s President John Canning encouraged pediatricians to apply for the aid offered by the federal government in order to protect their business needs during this unpredictable time. On Friday, March 27th, Congress passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security  (CARES) Act into law. This law extends relief to small businesses and individual Americans. For more information on who is eligible to receive the aid from this stimulus package, click here.

More information about the government’s response to COVID-19, including protecting kids from child abuse, the work of the CDC, and the coordination of the government’s response, can be found at

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