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Do I Really Need a Specialty-Specific EHR Vendor?

You’re an expert in your field, and your EHR should reflect that. Many pediatricians are frustrated with the inefficiency of their system because the software is designed to juggle many specialties at once. So, what are the benefits of trimming the fat and investing in an EHR made just for you?

 Chart faster

Instead of wasting your time navigating through menus that have nothing to do with your specialty, having an EHR made for your area of practice can save you time in every visit by getting right to the point. How many times have you found yourself saying, “just a minute” while you frantically click the ‘x’ on windows that have nothing to do with why your patient is in the office?

What are a few potentially overlooked benefits to saving time while you chart?

  • Have more attention for your patients
  • Save yourself from frustration
  • Wrap up your encounters faster
  • Hold more encounters/make more money


Reach support that knows what you need

When you need to solve a problem, you need an EHR that can connect you to a real person, but if they don’t know the ins and outs of your practice, they aren’t going to be able to help you effectively. When you choose an EHR that focuses only on your area of expertise you know that any support representative you speak to will either know exactly how to solve your problem or they’ll have the context they need to figure it out with you.

What should you look for in your EHR vendor’s support?

  • An intimate knowledge of your specialty
  • Availability
  • Easily reachable, human representatives
  • An ability to reach the same group of people over multiple calls


Enjoy tailored content that fits your workflow

Wouldn’t it be nice if every time you had to use your EHR, it responded to what you wanted to do? With a specialty-specific EHR it will be like your vendor is reading your mind every time you start charting. A quality vendor will work with you to create workflows and protocols that fit your needs, saving you time and frustration while giving you the chance to see more patients and make more money.


Work with a company that has time to make changes that help you

When you sign with a behemoth of a vendor as a provider who focuses on one area, you’re assuming a risk that any problems you have will be mixed in with the problems of any other type of provider. This means that your vendor will likely have a large queue of issues to address before they make it to yours. When you choose to sign with a vendor that caters to your specialty, they’re likely solving problems that you have, and when you ask for something to be fixed it’s a high priority for them.

What are the benefits of a vendor with a development cycle that focuses only on your type of practice?

  • They’ve likely fixed problems that you had with your current/past vendor
  • New problems will get more focus and a higher priority
  • They work with clients who more than likely have the same problems


Ask your vendor for advice

If you really want your practice to excel, find a vendor that you can form a working relationship with. A good specialty vendor will have the resources to propel you into the next step for your practice, whether you’re just starting out or if you’re been in the game for a long time. When you partner with a vendor who understands your needs, you’re getting a new resource that you can combine your experience with. If you’re an expert in your field, your vendor should give you the opportunity to connect with other experts, pushing your potential even further.

The flip side of this is that when you’re ready to make moves to improve your practice, your vendor and the other clinicians your vendor can connect you with may be able to give you advice that they’ve learned in similar situations. A vendor who focuses on your area of practice and is invested in your success will empower you to succeed in more places than the exam room.


So, Do I really need an EHR vendor specific to my branch of medicine?

If you want to give yourself the edge, yes. Choosing a vendor specific to your focus will make your life easier and your practice more successful.

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Cole McDermott

Cole McDermott is PCC's Marketing Designer and guest blog writer.