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How to Start a Pediatric Practice: NCE Follow-Up Questions

PCC’s Chip Hart and Susanne Madden from The Verden Group presented How to Start a Pediatric Practice in 5 Easy Steps to a standing room-only crowd at the AAP’s National Convention this year. 

Chip and Susanne left the last 15 minutes of class to answer questions. Turns out this wasn’t nearly enough time. Q&A ran way over, spilled out into the hallway, and pediatricians were still asking questions of Chip and Susanne as they walked to their next function. 

How to Start a Pediatric Practice: The Q&A

It makes sense. PCC’s experience over the decades indicates more pediatricians are leaving hospitals and large practices to start their own. It seems that these practices aren’t starting in suburbia, but instead in cities and very rural parts of the country, both of which are areas with underserved needs in pediatric care.  

Chip along with Susanne and The Verden Group have over 30 years of experience helping startup practices.

It’s no wonder then why pediatricians were chasing Susanne and Chip down the hall to ask their questions. Fortunately, Chip and Susanne wrote down the questions they received and last week connected online to answer as many as they could. We recorded the results and you can view the webinar and download the audio recording and transcript.

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Chris Forleo

Chris Forleo is the Marketing Manager at PCC.