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Introducing Patient Pre-Check-In with PCC!

PCC is excited to share Patient Pre-Check-In, a feature available to add to PCC EHR user systems. Check-in is an important part of a patient’s visit: it’s the first impression families get of your office and provides necessary demographic, insurance, and financial information. With Patient Pre-Check-In as a part of your PCC Care Plan, PCC users can reduce transcription errors, time at the front desk, and make visits less stressful for families and for front desk staff. 

Convenience is a great selling point for busy families, and parents and caregivers will love the ability to confirm their demographic information from the comfort of their homes (or daycares, or the bus stop, or anywhere else!). The ability to confirm these details ahead of the appointment reduces errors at the front desk and saves time and energy for everyone on the day of the visit. With one task checked off their list, front desk staff can focus on what really matters: great connections with the families coming to your practice.

During Patient Pre-Check-In, a parent or caregiver visits the Patient Portal to confirm their child’s demographic information for the upcoming visit at any time 7 days prior to their visit. They will be alerted to any missing information, and can change anything that’s new, such as an address or phone number. After demographics, users are directed to update their billing and insurance information. They can add photos of their insurance cards, indicate whether their existing insurance is still active, or add additional insurance information. This information can be imported to the EHR via the Pre-Check-In component: it’s that easy.

Excited to share the news about Patient Pre-Check-In? We are too! Here’s a video to help introduce the feature to your staff and patients! You can also find much more information about Pre-Check-In on PCC Learn.

Interested in Patient Pre-Check-In at your practice? Current PCC clients can contact their Client Advocate or Support at to learn more about Patient Pre-Check-In and get started. New to PCC? Patient Pre-Check-In is just one of many ways PCC is the premier EHR built just for pediatricians. Contact us to learn more.

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Allie Squires

Allie Squires is PCC's Marketing Content Writer and editor of The Independent Pediatrician. She holds a master's in Professional Writing from NYU.