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Keep Kids Covered Through Medicaid Unwinding

On April 1st, 2023, continuous enrollments for Medicaid ended as plans for the COVID-19 public health emergency aim to close on May 11th, 2023. Under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA), Medicaid programs could not disenroll patients in exchange for federal funding. The end of the public health emergency also ends this disenrollment provision, which means many patients and families could stand to lose Medicaid coverage over the next 14 months. Here’s how your practice can help.

What To Do Today to Keep Kids Covered with Medicaid & CHIP

Refer to your state’s Medicaid and CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) programs for information about eligibility, enrollment, and program documents to share with patients. Find your state’s web page here. Stay up to date on announcements and updates from your state’s programs. This resource from Georgetown University is recommended by the AAP to track your state’s current Medicaid unwinding status.

Your practice should also refer to the excellent resources created by the American Academy of Pediatrics to support patients in danger of losing insurance coverage. The website includes flyers and email template letters for every state Medicaid program in English and Spanish to post in your office or to send via email, social media, or text to your patients, like the one shown here from Hawai’i. See the AAP’s webpage for all versions.


With these resources, you can create the following communications plan for your practice:

  1. Customize an email template letter with your practice’s letterhead, logo, and personalization options for mail or email distribution.
  2. Post information about Medicaid programs and CHIP in your state to your practice’s social media accounts. This is also great information to share in a practice newsletter.
  3. Print and share flyers and posters in your office to help spread awareness about potential losses of coverage.
  4. Educate staff about the changes in Medicaid coverage, and help them understand how to guide patients to resources such as changing their contact information for Medicaid.

Using PCC EHR to Reach Families about Medicaid Unwinding

PCC EHR users can utilize several tools to contact families about their Medicaid coverage. Broadcast messaging can help you send texts and emails to families with any of the information mentioned above. Practices can also take advantage of PCC EHR’s eligibility verification tool. Not sure how to use either of these tools? Check out PCC Learn or contact us at for assistance. We’re here to help!


What to Do Tomorrow: Advocacy

The American Academy of Pediatrics is advocating to ensure that no child inappropriately loses coverage, which could lead to disrupted care. The power of pediatricians’ voices is important to ensure that all children receive the proper care and coverage to grow up healthy and supported by their medical home. You can find resources for advocacy through your state AAP chapter, or through the AAP’s webpage.

The Medicaid unwinding rollout will affect thousands of U.S. families. Over the next months, families will need the support of their pediatricians and medical home to ensure that every child has the insurance coverage so vital to their health and success. 

Allie Squires

Allie Squires is PCC's Marketing Content Writer and editor of The Independent Pediatrician. She holds a master's in Professional Writing from NYU.