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Is Your Pediatric Practice Competing With Walk-In Clinics?

Jan 22, 2015

With an increase in medical clinics operating out of establishments such as CVS, Wal-Mart and Walgreens, consumers of medical services are taking note..

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Report on EHR Use by Pediatricians

Jan 15, 2015

The latest issue of Pediatrics (official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics) includes a report on the use of Electronic Health Record..

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Childhood Homelessness in America – “No home to call your own”

Jan 01, 2015

A report on child homelessness, "America's Youngest Outcasts" published in November 2014, by the National Center on Family Homelessness at the American..

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Conference Report: Pediatric Coding and ICD-10

Dec 18, 2014
(Jan Blanchard is PCC's pediatric coding expert, and was recently a presenter at the 7th annual CodingCon)

Earlier this month, I was a speaker at the..

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7 Steps to Successful Change in Your Pediatric Office

Dec 11, 2014

Is your practice struggling to effect positive change? If you've been trying to implement a new EHR, move phones away from the front desk, or get..

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Vaccinations Should Be Money-Makers, Not A Financial Threat

Dec 04, 2014

Are your vaccine payments large enough to cover the cost of administering them?

If your answer is 'no,' you're not alone. Between 47 percent and 79..

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How to Prepare for a HIPAA Audit

Nov 27, 2014

Random audits of large and small practices, payers, clearinghouses and, now, business associates and their subcontractors, could begin at any time. The..

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4 Key Financial Performance Indicators for Pediatric Practices

Nov 20, 2014

Let's say you're shopping at the corner grocery and accidentally break a bottle of Coke.

No big deal, right? Wrong. The owner of the store, who sells..

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