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Effective Succession Planning for Independent Pediatricians

Mar 28, 2018

What’s your plan for your independent pediatric practice when you retire?

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6 Pricing 'Gotchas' You Need to Know About

Mar 22, 2018

You’re ready to make the switch to a different EHR vendor, you’ve requested a contract or pricing, and you're getting ready to sign on the dotted line...

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Privacy, Consent and Pediatric Mental Health: What Pediatricians Need to Know

Mar 16, 2018

When it comes to providing mental health services for minors, pediatricians have to navigate issues around privacy and informed consent. Balancing..

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10 Data Conversion Questions for a Successful Practice Transition

Mar 02, 2018

If you are considering a switch in EHR vendors, you will find plenty of reasons to decide against switching. Converting your data is one of them. At..

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How One Family Pediatrics Embraced Change and Achieved Success 

Feb 19, 2018

Few things strike greater fear into the heart of a pediatrician than the thought of an EHR switch. And for that reason, many pediatricians stay stuck..

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Do I Really Need a Specialty-Specific EHR Vendor?

Feb 14, 2018

You’re an expert in your field, and your EHR should reflect that. Many pediatricians are frustrated with the inefficiency of their system because the..

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What To Do When the Pharmacy Becomes Your Next Competitor

Feb 07, 2018

Recently, CVS bought Aetna and if approved, the merger means two companies in their own separate channels of healthcare become one. Although this could..

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How to Run Your Pediatric Practice Like a Business

Jan 31, 2018

At PCC, we often hear from our clients about the trials and tribulations of maintaining ongoing practice success – we hear about compliance and HR..

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