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4 Things Pediatric EHR Users Have in Common

You know your community and your practice better than anyone, so when you’ve set your sights on an EHR to help you achieve your goals for offering excellent care to your families, how do you know which one is the best fit? To find out if PCC is the right choice for you, just take a look at our clients! PCC clients are each unique practices, but they have some striking similarities; they love to learn, grow, share their expertise, and improve their practice of pediatric medicine. 

We love supporting our clients. PCC clients care about their communities and their patients -- here are some other similarities that make PCC clients amazing at what they do.

They’re great team players with goals for the future

Our clients span across the continental U.S., and the first thing they have in common is that they’re amazing team players. Just like them, PCC is a team with varied backgrounds and experience, which enables us to provide world-class support, intuitive and efficient software design and development, excellent practice management advice, and put our expert problem-solving skills to use for the needs of your individual practice.

PCC was named a Category Leader in the KLAS: Software & Services Report for 2020 for Ambulatory Specialty EMR, marking their consecutive second win in the segment. It's all thanks to the support of our clients!

When you join PCC, you do more than just buy a product -- you become part of a community  as willing to share its expertise and advice to help your practice achieve success as we are. PCC is a partner in your practice’s goals -- we’re there for you when you want to scale up, hire more, spend less, start anew, or simply get an objective look at how your practice is really doing with your vaccines or coding this year.

PCC clients, just like PCC itself, are team players ready to chip in, help out, and trade advice and expertise. When you want an EHR that makes up a community, PCC and our partner practices are ready to welcome you.

They’re independent pediatricians with unique ideas and needs

We’re proud to serve pediatric practices who are independent and unique. PCC is also pretty unique and proudly independent, so we understand why pediatric practices across the country don’t need a one-size-fits-all solution, but a solution that’s tailored to their individual needs.

As a Benefit Corporation, we put the needs of our employees, clients, and community ahead of profits. We’re also proud of the things that best serve our independent practices across the country: 

  • We offer pricing that’s clear and most importantly, consistent -- you’re never surprised by hidden fees for our services.
  • Our development is focused on what serves our clients best -- their feedback helps us build better tools for the real work they accomplish every day.
  • We’re legendary for our support team, who get to know your office and who our clients come to recognize by name. Our clients tell us it’s what drew them to us and what keeps them with us.
  • Our pediatric-specific features and functionality let you spend less time clicking and more time focusing on your patients, because pediatrics is different, and so are we.

Our clients love that when they have unique locations, oddball questions, or need answers to unconventional questions, PCC is there to help them find the best solution for their practice and patients.

They’re always asking questions to learn and improve

PCC practices don’t just spend time learning in order to stay up to date on what their patients need -- they’re often great teachers and supportive colleagues to other practices, too!

Our Support team is available until 5pm in your time zone, as well as 24/7 for emergency support, so when our clients have questions, we have answers. There are also tons of resources available at any time, including our clients-only forum, PCC Community, where you can get the latest PCC news and software update information, as well as get your practice management, billing, coding, and industry questions answered by your colleagues across the country.

PCC Learn is our open-source educational resource for all things PCC -- learn how to run reports, use our Broadcast Messaging feature, and lots more. Plus, our clients love getting together every year at PCC’s annual Users’ Conference to convene on industry trends, pediatric insights, and EHR tips and tricks.

They’re committed to the specialty of pediatrics

Pediatrics is a special branch of medicine, and pediatricians spend years learning about the best ways to help children grow up happy and healthy. PCC has long believed that pediatricians should not be forced to use software made for treating adult patients, because children are not simply small adults, and their needs differ. Pediatrics requires unique tools such as Fenton pre-term growth charts, Bright Futures guidelines, and pediatric eRx, all of which are available tools in PCC EHR.

In addition to clinical tools, PCC provides practices with access to the Dashboard, which is a quick and convenient way to measure your practice’s performance compared to other practices. The Dashboard presents the analytics to measure how many HPV vaccines you administered and what percentage of missed appointments you’ve had this month or this year, as well as strategies and tools to improve your scores. PCC clients find the Dashboard not only helpful, but even dedicate themselves to improving their scores -- learn about Bloom Pediatrics’ goal of winning a “Dashy” award for their improvement on their Dashboard.

We design these tools to meet the requests and needs of our pediatrician clients, which means that PCC is uniquely suited to the work of pediatrics. We work to make our clients’ days easier, their claims cleaner, and our tools more efficient at tackling their everyday tasks. PCC does this so that our practices, when they’re not busy learning and sharing what they know, can do what they’re the best at -- providing healthcare that leads to happy kids and strong communities.

We care about making solutions, solving problems, and providing the answers our clients need to execute great care, build strong relationships, and succeed in their business goals. Ready to learn even more about PCC? Visit us below, or give us a call to see how PCC can help your practice meet its best potential.

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Allie Squires

Allie Squires is PCC's Marketing Content Writer and editor of The Independent Pediatrician. She holds a master's in Professional Writing from NYU.