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The Independent Pediatrician: Essential Reading for Providers in Private Practice

PCC’s internal publication The Independent Pediatrician offers those working in pediatrics an inside look at how their peers are growing businesses, breaking down barriers, and protecting their independence. This fall marks 7 years of The Independent Pediatrician, and the stories it publishes are still as independent and inspiring as ever.

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A subscription to The Independent Pediatrician allows you to hear the stories of triumph, business acumen, and leadership from real pediatricians in independent practice making a difference in the lives of children. Whether you want to grow as a practice, advocate, lead, or guide your community into a new and better method of healthcare, TIP offers you the advice and support from your colleagues that can spark your goals into reality. 

In short,TIP offers:

  • Invaluable insights from pediatricians making bold changes
  • Business advice and stories of how other practices took a risk
  • Stories about why pediatricians’ independence matters, and what they do to protect it
  • How pediatricians contribute to larger public health by connecting with communities

New to TIP or want to get back into the conversation? Here’s the latest from The Independent Pediatrician, and how it helps pediatricians grow, thrive, and stay connected.

Supporting Independent Pediatrics

For those in need of a recap, The Independent Pediatrician was created as the external publication of pediatric EHR company PCC in the fall of 2010 as a way to further our mission: to provide the resources, guidance, and support to independent pediatricians across the U.S.

TIP tells the unique stories of both the friends and clients of PCC who are experts in their field, are innovators in practice management, and who face unique challenges in resources, location, population, and medicine. 

Our stories fall into one of several categories: profiles of practices making a difference or who are innovating new solutions to pediatric medicine; industry trends from experts on finances, management, billing, HR, and more; editorials from friends of PCC and the industry, along with Proust questionnaires that highlight the unique values of an individual physician.

Let’s look at some of the highlights of TIP’s decade-long history, which aims to promote the qualities that make for strong physicians, practices, and patients:

AAP Leadership

In April 2017, TIP spoke with Dr. Colleen Kraft as she was waiting to take up her appointment as the then-president-elect of the American Academy of Pediatrics. TIP got an inside look at Dr. Kraft’s history, philosophy, and her passion for integrated health systems that featured throughout her pediatric private practice, her presidency, and into her post-presidency.

“We are missing the boat if we try to put everybody into a big, one system model. We need to value those independent practices out there and the relationships they have with their families.” -- Former AAP president Dr. Colleen Kraft

Whether it’s pediatric news or a look at the leadership guiding pediatricians across the country, TIP strives to give all pediatricians a voice.


Dr. Nneka Unachukwu, or Dr. Una for short, studied at the University of Nigeria and the Newark Beth Israel Medical Center in New Jersey, and now runs an independent practice in Georgia. Her accomplishments don’t end with her M.D., but extend to her work as a business coach, a teen counselor, and a writer.

Her focus on whole-child health extends to a child’s goals, their ambitions, and helping parents through the incredible task of raising a child. She spoke with TIP about helping her community through health issues such as ADHD, obesity, and writing her first memoir.

“When I started my practice, it was the scariest thing I’d ever done in my life,” Dr. Una admits. “As physicians, we are trained for over a decade to be great clinicians, but we know nothing about the business of medicine. We feel guilty talking about money. We hear that our hearts’ desire should be to serve our patients, which of course it is. But if you aren’t successful as an entrepreneur and you have to shut your clinic down, you can’t serve your patients.” Dr. Nneka Unachukwu, MD FAAP

Running a business is a vital part of being an independent physician. While it’s sometimes difficult, you’re never alone -- TIP offers the perspectives of your peers and from experts to make your practice run smoothly and successfully.

Independent Practice

TIP celebrates the independence of pediatricians who want to make a mark on their community in their own way. Independence can mean planning a private practice while you finish residency at a hospital, making a move from a group practice to be on your own, or establishing a fantastic group practice with trusted colleagues. However you define pediatric independence, TIP shares inspiration and advice to help you achieve it, with the pediatric news and stories to keep you informed.

When Dr. Douglas Coombs had reached a tenure of 40 years as an independent pediatrician, he turned his thoughts to retirement -- but he was determined that the practice would remain independent, a part of his work he had always enjoyed. 

Dr. Bonnie Feola was only supposed to be a temporary part time physician at the practice, but when she arrived, their rapport was so immediate that Dr. Coombs said to her, “I think you should buy my practice.”

TIP spoke to each of them to learn how Dr. Feola eventually did purchase and open Busy Bee Pediatrics with the continual support of Dr. Coombs and the longtime practice staff.

“The staff is the practice. The providers, the front office staff… they know the community, they know the families. I’m the new person here.” Dr. Bonnie Feola, MD FAAP

When you’re an independent pediatrician, only you know what’s best for your community. You have vision, you’ve taken the plunge, and you have a community to support you. Whether you’re looking to start fresh or grow a successful practice to new heights, TIP shares the stories of the independent practitioners who make it happen.

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Allie Squires

Allie Squires is PCC's Marketing Content Writer and editor of The Independent Pediatrician. She holds a master's in Professional Writing from NYU.