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PCC Awarded Best in KLAS for 2022: Thank You!

Physician’s Computer Company (PCC) is a software and solutions vendor made for independent pediatricians. Founded in 1983, we’re proud to deliver the very same promises of trust, loyalty, and positivity into our pediatric EHR products and support services that we have for nearly 40 years. The work PCC does has been awarded year over year by research provider KLAS – so what’s it like to work with a star-studded pediatric EHR?

Your Pediatric EHR Partner

We want to be your partner. This means that while we’re proud of our EHR and related solutions, such as practice management advice and analytics via your personalized Dashboard, we’re most proud of the relationships we build with your practice. From your expert office manager to group startups and solo physicians who are old hands at medicine, PCC wants to work with you to deliver excellent healthcare to kids in your community.

When you’re a PCC practice, you build rapport with your PCC Client Advocate, who meets with you regularly to assess your practice’s current needs and match PCC tools and features that can help. Want to measure your growth this year, tackle vaccination rates, or make a patient recall plan? Your Client Advocate can help you build or customize a PCC report for all of these goals and get you started the moment you’re ready.

To us at PCC, partnership is something that grows over time, just like your career, your practice, and your patients. When you decide to take on your newest goal to hire a new physician, plan for retirement, or open a new location, we’re here to help. Our expert consultants can give you current industry advice, or connect you to the community of PCC practices who have tackled similar challenges.

"PCC wants practices to succeed. They are always helping small private practices grow and constantly request feedback from their clients. If I have any questions, they are available to help me. I would not trust my practice EHR with any other vendor."

-- Dr. Hiral Lavania, One Family Pediatrics, GA


The PCC Community

We couldn’t be where we are today without the support of our amazing community, and our clients top the list. Physicians, office managers, and nurses help direct PCC’s vision toward new features, services, and improvements to make their daily tasks simpler and easier.

The community is also here for you: from our clients-only forum, aptly named PCC Community, to our annual Users’ Conference, working with PCC means you get to take advantage of the knowledge, skills, and resources of many other pediatricians across the country.

Tommie Angel, the office manager at Sanford Pediatrics in North Carolina, says that PCC’s commitment to relationships is what has continued to serve the well-being of the practice and staff at the practice. She continues:

I love working with PCC because they treat you like family. The support is amazing with a personal Client Advocate who meets with me on a weekly basis to share new updates and capabilities, address my needs and concerns and answer my many questions. In addition, a highly trained support team is only a phone call away when I have a question or need.  Our EHR allows us to provide the best quality care to our patients while adhering to the requirements of the medical world.”

“A great EHR allows you to fully document patient care without compromising face-to-face time with your patients. PCC does this! The software is user friendly and fully customizable to each individual user. The reporting capabilities are amazing and in today’s managed care environment are extremely important. PCC allows us to focus on patient care by ensuring we are meeting documentation requirements through their design and development. PCC provides a top quality pediatric friendly EHR backed by amazing support. PCC is the best!”

The feedback of our clients like Tommie is what guides our future, informs our present, and rewards our past. We’re grateful to the clients who give feedback, ask tough questions, and share their ideas to make our community better every day.

HubSpot Video

PCC's Director of Pediatric Solutions Chip Hart thanks the pediatric community for PCC's 2022 Best in KLAS Award. "We're grateful... Keep up the good work."


About KLAS Research

KLAS Research has awarded PCC several top awards for software and services. Our latest win is the 2022 Best in KLAS Award in the Ambulatory Specialty EMR category with an overall score of 92.0. In 2020 and 2019, PCC was named a Category Leader for the Ambulatory Specialty EMR segment of the KLAS: Software & Services Report. In 2021, we received our first Best in KLAS win for Ambulatory Specialty EMR. 

What makes PCC an award-winner? KLAS research is an independent healthcare vendor research company who collects feedback directly from providers. That means we’re awarded top marks on culture, loyalty, value, product, and relationships based on direct feedback from pediatricians. According to KLAS, this feedback contributes to an annual report that maintains PCC as a top choice for pediatricians:

“The Best in KLAS report recognizes software and services companies who excel in helping healthcare professionals improve patient care. All rankings are a direct result of the feedback of thousands of providers over the last year. A Best in KLAS award signifies to the healthcare IT industry the commitment and partnership that the top vendors should provide.”

What’s Next for PCC?

At PCC, our mission remains: to remove the obstacles that prevent pediatricians from practicing medicine. We continue to work to find ways to improve the daily work of pediatricians and pediatric staff, and to enable independent practices to remain stewards of their communities.

Chip Hart, Director of PCC’s Pediatric Solutions team, says it best: 

“Our first client back in the 80s told us, ‘Do the right thing for the patients and the money will take care of itself.’ We took that to heart and our mission has always been to help every pediatric practice improve. By focusing on what our clients need, we've been able to maintain our independence while creating a relationship with our clients that is its own reward.”

Want to learn more about the life of a PCC client? Discover the full story of Sanford Pediatrics’ journey to partnering with PCC, and how Tommie Angel went from a hesitant new client to a PCC reports star.

Sanford Pediatrics' PCC Success Story

Allie Squires

Allie Squires is PCC's Marketing Content Writer and editor of The Independent Pediatrician. She holds a master's in Professional Writing from NYU.