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PCC’s Pediatric EMR Named “Best in KLAS” in Ambulatory Specialty Segment for 2021

PCC was named Best in KLAS in the Ambulatory Specialty EMR segment for the 2021 KLAS: Software & Services Report. For PCC, it’s a proud moment of recognition for the work our clients accomplished in 2020, providing excellent care during the healthcare event of the century. For pediatricians, the KLAS report is a great tool to help you make the best decision in your practice’s EHR partner.

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Chip Hart accepts PCC's Best in KLAS award

PCC Named Best in KLAS by Pediatricians: Thank You!

In 2020 and 2019, PCC was named a Category Leader for the Ambulatory Specialty EMR segment of the KLAS: Software & Services Report. This year marked the first Best in KLAS win for PCC, with a winning score of 94.0 and a straight-A report card across six categories: Culture, Loyalty, Operations, Product, Relationship, and Value. 

These categories represent the value pediatricians have found in the way PCC operates, the products we offer, and the world-class service that makes great relationships with pediatric practices our standard of excellence. Our practices also appreciate our value, with 95% naming PCC as a company that “avoids charging for every little thing”, with 100% naming PCC as part of their long term plans.

KLAS also provides physicians an additional report that has an important distinction for pediatricians: it compares PCC’s performance with other EMRs based on scores only from other pediatricians, revenue cycle managers, and key EMR decision-makers. By focusing on pediatric needs, this year’s reports reflect PCC’s work in the field of pediatrics, and gives pediatricians insight into the solutions made specifically for their practice of medicine. KLAS’s role in neutral analysis of healthcare software performance, based on user interviews and insights, is crucial for physicians and practices looking for the partner that makes the most sense for their practice. 

Choosing an EHR, or switching from one that doesn’t work for your pediatric workflow, can be a difficult and arduous process. KLAS uses data to highlight the voices of providers, payers, and other healthcare stakeholders to make healthcare products and services better. Healthcare professionals offer their insights to KLAS, and KLAS studies and presents impartial and honest data via reports and statistical overviews. The research KLAS undertakes empowers healthcare professionals to choose the right products for their practice while inspiring vendors to continually improve their performance. Simply put, KLAS helps you choose the best EHR for your needs by offering feedback from practices like yours.

Continuous self-improvement is what we do. According to PCC Director of Pediatric Solutions Chip Hart, “As a specialty-focused vendor, especially for the often overlooked pediatricians, we have to be better than everyone in order to compete. Otherwise, an independent practice would just make the easy choice and go with one of the big vendors. Like pediatricians, we value the personal relationships we develop with our clients.”

We’re excited to share our 2021 KLAS scores with you, and to best ourselves this year to continue to provide the support, solutions, and the close relationships with pediatricians. We want to empower pediatricians to focus on their work with kids and families, while enabling PCC’s mission statement: removing the obstacles that prevent pediatricians from practicing medicine.

Allie Squires

Allie Squires is PCC's Marketing Content Writer and editor of The Independent Pediatrician. She holds a master's in Professional Writing from NYU.