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The Pediatric CEO Intensive: A Pediatric Management Masterclass

Independent pediatricians know their businesses inside and out. They’ve worked hard to set prices, establish a practice culture. They’re old hands at negotiating with insurance companies. They love supporting their patients – but sometimes they’re left wanting just a little bit more. How can an independent practice move to the “next step” in their journey? And what is that next goal, anyway?

A Masterclass for Pediatric Management

If this sounds like you, you may be wondering: how do I take my practice, my business to the next level? Where do I go to answer my questions about investments and making money without shame or judgment? How do I make my mission to build a self-sustaining practice a reality? One solution: you might want to consider a pediatric management masterclass.

One place to experience a host of masterclasses – as well as engage with national speakers one on one – is the Pediatric CEO Intensive, a collaborative event led by Dr. Katrina Skinner and organized by bright minds across the pediatric management space, including Dr. Suzanne Berman, Paul Vanchiere, and PCC’s Chip Hart. 

You may be familiar with Dr. Skinner from her work creating the popular Women in Pediatrics events and conferences. While the community of female pediatricians continues to grow and serve, the Pediatric CEO Intensive is open to all pediatricians and has a different aim: to foster and develop business acumen for those wishing to invest in their business – without the MBA!

Whether you are one year or twenty years into opening your practice, the Pediatric CEO Intensive offers pediatricians exactly that investment – in themselves, their skills, and their business’s next steps.

“What’s my mission? How do I grow my business so that, for example, I don’t have to be there every day?” says Chip Hart of the event’s goals for pediatricians. “This event is for people who know that their practice can be about more than just seeing patients. They want to do more, dream bigger. They want to become an expert in a field and consult, lead others, or teach.”

The Next Steps in Your Practice Journey

Physicians don’t graduate medical school and complete residency with an MBA, so many independent pediatricians find that it’s up to them to learn how to run a business effectively, all the way from hiring staff to creating a budget. The Pediatric CEO Intensive event is for those pediatricians with a baseline of knowledge on running a business, who want additional training on business management subjects. 

How do you know if you’re a fit for the event? The conference will open with a “90 Minute MBA” course  to make sure you know the basics before the remainder of the event. Using this framework, speakers will use the jargon and tools you learn in the MBA course to delve deeper into budgeting, profit and loss, ROI, and more.

Speakers at the event are nationally recognized in both business and pediatric fields. They include names such as Lorie Clements of Entrepreneurial Operating Systems (EOS), the company behind bestsellers like Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business; Bonnie Koo, MD, the life coach and physician behind Wealthy Mom MD; PCC’s own Chip Hart and Alex Meyer, experts on pediatric management; and Marissa Maldonado, CEO of Prada Technology and security expert. 


When we asked Chip if he thought, as faculty member and co-host of the event, whether he expected to learn anything new at the Pediatric CEO Intensive, he said,

“I always learn something new. Every time I consult with someone, it adds experience and understanding. I learn about the qualities of personality and behavior. I imagine it’s similar to seeing patients – you are always learning from them, even if you’re an expert.”

VIP tickets for the 2023 event are currently sold out, but Chip says not to delay in purchasing general admission tickets if the event sounds like a fit for you. The 2023 conference and future events include VIP coaching where attendees will have the opportunity to sit down with the professionals and speakers and work out a plan for their business’s goals, obstacles, and opportunities.

All attendees of the event will learn and grow together with courses, networking events, and focused training  – which makes this event not one to be missed. “Katrina would say, ‘You’re worth the investment,’” says Chip.

Allie Squires

Allie Squires is PCC's Marketing Content Writer and editor of The Independent Pediatrician. She holds a master's in Professional Writing from NYU.