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What to Expect at PCC’s 2022 Users’ Conference

Every summer, practices who are clients of PCC EHR pack their bags, open their laptops, and prepare to mingle with peers and PCCers alike. The 2022 Users’ Conference is a special one: the first PCC has been able to host in person since the COVID-19 pandemic. We at PCC are excited to welcome you to Burlington, VT for this year’s theme of Resilience and Rejuvenation. Don’t have your ticket yet? Read on to learn about how everyone can access the Users’ Conference from home or in person, and why PCC clients love the annual trip to connect with their EHR and colleagues.

Don't miss the 2022 PCC Users' Conference!

A Productive Pediatric Party

This year’s conference runs from July 19 to July 22, 2022. As of early July, we are prepared to welcome more than 250 attendees, but why the hype around an EHR conference? It’s simple: PCC is more than an EHR, and our annual conference is much more than a professional gathering of the best pediatric industry experts – though it is certainly that, too.

We’re pleased to welcome Dr. Sandy Chung and Dr. Colleen Kraft as plenary speakers at the 2022 Users’ Conference. As President-elect and past-President of the American Academy of Pediatrics, these are just two of the amazing speakers that will share the pulse of the pediatric industry – what pediatricians can do right now to support the biggest needs of American children.

The PCC Users’ Conference offers practices a chance to network, grow their practice and business, and get to know the people behind PCC’s Best in KLAS-rated support and services. We’re proud to get to know each of our clients professionally and often personally, as we feel that the individual relationships we form help to make your practice stronger and more efficient.

Attendees can expect several days of packed and productive activities, with plenty of laughter and fun to go around. Here’s just some of what to look forward to:

  • Pre-conference round tables will allow practices from similar regions in the US to collaborate on things like state billing rules, practice management, and more.
  • Over 50 courses range in topics from professional development, practice management, HR and hiring, revenue and finance guidance, and of course, how to make the best use of PCC EHR.
  • Celebrations like the Dashies awards offer recognition for practices that go above and beyond in their care for children, as reflected in their PCC Dashboard analytics.
  • One-on-one and group sessions are structured to answer your most pressing questions about topics like financial reporting, billing, and more.
  • A live session of our popular Pediatric Billing Drop-In.
  • Plenary sessions by top pediatric industry experts, including Dr. Colleen Kraft, former AAP president, and Dr. Sandy Chung, the 2022 AAP president-elect.
  • To cap off the week of learning and fun, in-person attendees and guests will join us for the “Big Bash” on the Spirit of Ethan Allan for dinner and a cruise around Lake Champlain; a truly quintessential Vermont experience!


Can’t make it in person? We’re excited to share that certain sessions will be available live from the conference to stream from your home or office. If your schedule is busy or you can’t bring everyone from the office with you, streaming is a great option for virtual attendees. The virtual registration is available for PCC practices at and select the “virtual” registration at checkout.

Advice Straight from the Pediatric Practice

As a part of the pediatric healthcare industry, PCC recognizes and admires the support that only pediatricians can offer one another. That is why we’re excited to welcome Dr. Sandy Chung and Dr. Colleen Kraft, president-elect and former president of the AAP respectively, as plenary speakers at our conference.

There’s more! There are several courses led by pediatricians and experienced pediatric industry experts. From Dr. Hiral Lavania of One Family Pediatrics in Cummings, GA to Dr. Katrina Skinner, CEO and founder of Fairhope Pediatrics in Fairhope, AL, pediatricians across the country share the experiences that make them better business leaders and physicians. Meanwhile, visit old friends like PCC’s Chip Hart, The Verden Group’s Susanne Madden, and the Pediatric Management Institute’s Paul Vanchiere for plenty of take-home advice to managing teams, purchasing vaccines, sticking to a budget, starting or moving practices, and more.

PCC staff also have plenty of courses to share – whether it’s billing, integrating with CHADIS, or getting to know your PCC reports a little better, our experts know their stuff, and they’ve learned it from years of experience working with pediatricians and staff like yours.

You truly don’t want to miss this year’s conference, and hope to see you very soon! Be sure to visit the Users’ Conference website for the full schedule, and to learn how to join us online or in Burlington for a mixture of celebration and fun, learning and building for the independent pediatricians of today and tomorrow.

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Allie Squires

Allie Squires is PCC's Marketing Content Writer and editor of The Independent Pediatrician. She holds a master's in Professional Writing from NYU.