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PCC is Named #1 Pediatric EMR By KLAS Research in 2023

Physician’s Computer Company (PCC) is a software solutions vendor made just for independent pediatricians. Founded in 1983, we’re proud to deliver the very same promises of trust, loyalty, and positivity into our pediatric EHR products and support services that we have had for 40 years. The work PCC does has been awarded year over year by research provider KLAS – so what’s it like to work with a star-studded pediatric EHR?


Our Favorite Birthday Gift

PCC is proud of the pediatric EHR, services, and support solutions we offer to independent practices across the U.S. and Virgin Islands. Still, as we celebrate our 40th anniversary this year with our 5th consecutive KLAS award and 3rd Best in KLAS award for the Ambulatory Pediatric EMR category, we are most proud that our work is deemed worthy of accolades from our client practices. And the accolades are here: according to KLAS Research, PCC remains the #1 pediatric EMR.

KLAS Research conducts research directly at the source: with pediatricians who use PCC EHR and services. Reviews and feedback from our clients are why PCC is honored with the Best in KLAS award for our 40th anniversary – your support is our birthday wish!



Beyond anything we do at PCC – from analytics Dashboards to pediatric-specific eRx solutions to the EHR that’s tailor-made for pediatricians – we aim to build and support life-long relationships with our client practices, our employees, and our local Vermont community.

Some KLAS Report Highlights:

98% of users say PCC avoids nickel-and-diming
100% said PCC remains in their long term plans
Rated A+ for loyalty 

When you’re a PCC practice, you build a customized EHR and support plan with your PCC Client Advocate, who meets with you regularly to assess your practice’s current needs and match PCC tools and features that can help. Want to measure your growth this year, tackle vaccination rates, or make a patient recall plan? Your Client Advocate can help you build or customize a PCC report for all these goals and get you started when you’re ready.


Behind the Scenes at PCC

PCC celebrates a milestone anniversary this year, and we’re happy to report our growth charts are stellar! PCC grew in 2022 to help practices handle the incredibly unpredictable COVID-19 pandemic and continues to help practices adapt to healthcare changes and deliver care to patients. 

While our work and mission are focused on relationships, it can be hard to imagine what a software company actually “looks” like. For one thing, you can picture PCC as the Vermont pediatric software company – we are proudly located in Winooski, VT in the Champlain Mill, a converted mill building on the Winooski “Onion” River with lots of history.

To truly picture PCC, here’s a look behind-the-scenes with PCC’s Director of Pediatric Solutions, Chip Hart:


We are people on a mission for pediatricians.  We can’t put it any more simply: thank you for awarding us Best In KLAS in 2023 with a score of 93 out of 100!


So what next? Our mission at PCC remains: to remove the obstacles preventing pediatricians from practicing medicine. We continue to work to find ways to improve the daily work of pediatricians and pediatric staff, and to enable independent practices to remain stewards of their communities. Also, we’d like to have some birthday cake!


About KLAS Research

KLAS Research has awarded PCC several top awards for software and services. Our previous win was the 2022 Best in KLAS Award in the Ambulatory Specialty EMR category, with an overall score of 92.0. In 2020 and 2019, PCC was named a Category Leader for the Ambulatory Specialty EMR segment of the KLAS: Software & Services Report. In 2021, we received our first Best in KLAS win for Ambulatory Specialty EMR. 

What makes PCC an award winner? KLAS research is an independent healthcare vendor research company that collects feedback directly from providers. That means we’re awarded top marks on culture, loyalty, value, product, and relationships based on direct feedback from pediatricians. According to KLAS, this feedback contributes to an annual report that maintains PCC as a top choice for pediatricians:

According to KLAS Research CEO Adam Gale, “The Best in KLAS report recognizes software and services companies who excel in helping healthcare professionals improve patient care. All rankings are a direct result of the feedback of thousands of providers over the last year. A Best in KLAS award signifies to the healthcare IT industry the commitment and partnership that the top vendors should provide.”


PCC has been offering pediatric-specific software, support, and practice management advice for over 30 years. Our goal is to remove the obstacles so that pediatricians can serve communities, improve their practice, and remain independent.